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Booking Engine = Software (such as RESERVIT!) that allows you to place a direct booking button on your website.

Channel Manager = Software (such as RESERVIT!) that enables you to connect with distributors like

Connectivity = distributor = E-distribution = OTA = internet distribution partners like or others.

Front office = reservation pages = internet page visible to users for making their reservation. Interface = linking screen (mapping with a distributor or a PMS).

Manager = back office = extranet = software visible to you.

Mapping = connection between RESERVIT rooms or offers and distributor rooms or offers.

PMS = Property Management System (hotel management software).

Rack = the standard base rate. 

Financial / Accounting Closure -> The closure corresponds to the completion of accounting records, the gathering of supporting documents, as well as all operations that allow the preparation of the company's balance sheet. The choice of the end date of the accounting period is determined based on your annual balance sheet.

Accounting Export -> Financial document generated by the software for the accountant and intended to be integrated into accounting software.

Accounting Code -> For each entry, an account per class is assigned. It is possible to define an accounting code that corresponds to a focus that one wishes to highlight on a product or business activity. With this code, more detailed financial information can be produced.

Invoice -> An invoice is a document in general accounting that proves a purchase or sale. An invoice certifies the creditor's claim against a debtor, in other words, a customer's debt to a supplier. An invoice cannot be deleted.

Credit Note (or Credit Memo) -> A credit note, sometimes also called a credit memo, is a document issued by the seller to cancel an incorrect invoice or to refund a purchase.

Refund -> The "refund" is the return, following the conventional or judicial termination of a contract, of the price of a service, an object, or goods that have been paid for incorrectly, or the price paid in advance for a service that has not been performed.

Discount -> A discount is a one-time reduction for commercial purposes. It is a reduction in the amount of a service or the total amount of sales made to a single customer during a specific period.

Debtor -> The term "Debtor" refers to an individual or entity that owes a certain sum of money to another person representing the creditor. The debtor has a debt to the creditor.

In Progress -> In progress refers to services for which the invoice has not yet been issued.''

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